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Travis and I have been married since 1996. We have 4 beautiful children: Madelyn (1998), Jacob (2001), Bryson (2004), and Allyson (2007). I love being a mom and wouldn't change a thing (most of the time!).

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring = Baseball

Both boys wanted to play baseball this year. Our community has a really good and organized program. The best part is that since all the kids live close, the practices and games are close too! At least until you get older.

Since this is Jacob's first year playing baseball he is on the coach pitch team (6-8 yr. olds), not the minors where the kid's pitch. 8 yr. olds can play on either kind of team depending on their skill level. Bryson also plays coach pitch, so they get to be on the same team! It's fun for them and sooooooo convenient for us - especially since they have either a practice or game 3 times a week!

These pics were taken from their first game and both boys got a turn to play catcher. They look so cute, I mean tough, in all that get up!

This is Jacob in his catcher's gear. Bryson is looking up at him.
All ready!
Bryson was so excited to get a turn too! Fun stuff!
We just got video of them hitting, but will post more pictures later. Baseball is pretty much going to consume most of the next 7 or 8 weeks, so there will be plenty more opportunity for pictures!


Andrea said...

Hey Dena, just checking in on you guys to see how you are doing. We sure miss Tucson. Especially since it snowed on Monday. Porter wants to move back to Arizona because he's tired of the snow and he wants to catch lizard again!

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